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CRB Ag Water Conservation Publications & Presentations

Publication Author(s) Year
Case Studies Outlining Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Water Conservation in the Colorado River Basin Colorado Water Institute 2016
Water Efficiency: Recycled Water, Irrigation Technology California Agriculture 2014
Water Efficiency in Agriculture: a Study of the Adoption of Water Conserving and Profitable Irrigation Technology in Arizona (Thesis) Budiyanto, Y. 2014
Water Conservation Opportunities and Challenges in the Colorado Basin Levy, M. 2014
The Hardest Working River in the West: Common-Sense Solutions for a Reliable Water Future for the Colorado River Basin Western Resource Advocates 2014
Water to Supply the Land: Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin Pacific Institute 2013
Understanding Beliefs and Preferences of Irrigators Towards the Use and Management of Agricultural Water in the Colorado River Basin Kallenberger, J.A. 2013
Water Conservation in Irrigated Agriculture: Trends and Challenges in the Face of Emerging Demands Schaible, G. D., & Aillery, M.P. 2012
Mapping Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin Laituri, M., & Sternlieb, F. 2012
Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 2012
Colorado River Basin Irrigation Griffin, R., & Kelly, M. 2012
Water for the Future: The Role of Efficient Irrigation (2011 Water Conference Report) Irrigation Association 2011
Water Efficiency for Instream Flow: Making the Link in Practice Alliance for Water Efficiency, American Rivers & Environmental Law Institute 2011
Water and Agriculture in the Western U.S.: Conservation, Reallocation, and Markets Lord, W.B. 2011
Quantification Task: A Description of Agriculture Production and Water Transfers in the Colorado River Basin (Colorado Water Institute Special Report No. 21) Pritchett, J. 2011
Irrigation Alternatives for Sustainable Water Use of Processing Tomatoes Barrios-Masias, F.H., & Jackson, L.E. 2011
Farm Bill Water Conservation Programs: Use and Potential in the Colorado River Basin Environmental Defense Fund 2011
Agricultural Water Use in California: A 2011 Update (Staff Report) Canessa, P., Green, S., & Zoldoske, D. 2011
Agricultural Water Energy Efficiency (California Energy Commission Final Report) Burt, C. M., Howes, D.J., & Freeman, B. 2011
Rethinking Vulnerability on the Colorado River Kenney, D., Ray, A., Harding, B., Pulwarty, R., & Udall, B. 2010
Agricultural/Urban/Environmental Water Sharing: Innovative Strategies for the Colorado River Basin and the West (Colorado Water Institute Special Report Series No. 22) Smith, M, & Pritchett, J. 2010
Resource Management Strategies, Volume 2 – Chapter 2: Agricultural Water Use Efficiency California Division of Water Resources 2009
Harvest Timing and Byproduct Addition Effects on Corn and Forage Sorghum Silage Grown Under Water Stress (NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 799) Marsalis, M.A., Angadi, S., Contreras-Govea, F.E., & Kirksey, R.E. 2009
Meeting Colorado's Future Water Supply Needs: Opportunities and Challenges Associated With Potential Agricultural Water Conservation Measures (Colorado Water Institute Special Report No. 20) DiNatale, K., Dohert, T., Waskom, R., & Brown, R. 2008
Colorado's Future Water Supply Needs: Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Potential Agricultural Water Conservation Measures Colorado Agricultural Water Alliance 2008
Colorado River Basin Water Management: Evaluating and Adjusting to Hydroclimatic Variability Committee on the Scientific Bases of Colorado River Basin Water Management, National Research Council 2007
Evaluation of User Friendly Drip Irrigation/Mulch Systems for Urban and Small Farm Specialty Crop Production (Report No. 6) New Mexico State University Water Task Force 2006
Irrigation Practices vs. Farm Size: Data from Elephant Butte Irrigation District (Report No. 4) New Mexico State University Water Task Force 2005
Global International Waters Assessment: Gulf of California/Colorado River Basin (GIWA Regional Assessment 27) Arias, E., Albar, M., Becerra, M., Boone, A., Chia, D., Gao, J., Muñoz, C., Parra, I., Reza, M., Saínz, J. & A. Vargas 2004
Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation (Report No. 1) New Mexico State University Water Task Force 2003
Guidelines for Using Conservation Tillage Under Furrow Irrigation (CSU Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Report) Pearson, C.H., Holcomb, C.A., Cooley, A.W., & Murray, J.E. 2002
Drip Irrigation for Row Crops (Circular 573) New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service 2001
Irrigation Management in Colorado: Survey Data and Findings (CSU Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Report) Frasier, W.M., Waskom, R.M., Hoag, D.L., & Bauder, T.A. 1999
Irrigation in the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico: A Study and Annotated Bibliography of the Development of Irrigation Systems Wozniak, F.E. 1998
Water Use & Yield of Alfalfa in Northwestern New Mexico (NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 770) Smeal, D., Gregory, E.J., Arnold, R.N., & Tomko, J. 1995
A River No More: The Colorado River and the West Fradkin, P.L. 1994
Prehistoric non-irrigated agriculture in Arizona: A historic context for planning (Estrella Cultural Research Paper No. 3) Doyel, D.E. 1993
A Carrot or a Stick? Promoting Water Conservation in Arizona Agriculture McGinnis, M.A. 1991
Yield and Quality of Trickle Irrigated Chile Wierenga, P.J. 1983
Modles Designed to Efficiently Allocate Irrigation Water Use Based on Crop Response to Soil Moisture Stress (Part 1, 2 & 3) Anderson, R.L., Yaron, D., & Young, R. 1977
Improving Efficiency in Agricultural Water Use. (Completion Report No. 8) Kemper, W.D. & Danielson, R.E. 1969
The Colorado River and Arizona's Interest in its Development Smith, G.E.P. 1922